Hey there!
I am Christian Matondo Paulo,

and I'm a prospective interaction designer. Currently i am studying Interaction Design at the university of applied science in Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany.

People in my environment often describe me as a humorous and calm generalist who loves new challenges and even more to grow at those. Due to the different impressions from previous creative professions, I see my strengths especially in the conception and in the visual presentation of user-centered solutions and products.

In my free time, I have always been passionate about film and performing arts and I like to dedicate myself to all kinds of kreative activities. But my biggest passion is consumer electronics. As befits a real geek, I have many different gadgetes and devices, and spend a lot of time (and money 😭) trying, and exploring them.

I am currently doing an internship to gain a professional insight into my future work as an interaction designer.

Have I caught your interest? Then feel free to contact me at

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