Gold Miner

3D fundamentals in the medial space
HfG Schwabisch Gmünd SS 2017
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro

Dominik Fink, Paul Raschke
Mario Rieker, Christian Paulo


The task was to develop a multiplayer arcade game with two functional controllers in a two week sprint with the Box2D Javascript library.



Goldminer is a two player arcade browser game that strongly reminds of games like Worms, Angry Birds and Bomberman. The game was conceived and designed in a two-week interdisciplinary design sprint.


Game Description

In the game each player controls one of the two dwarves. In the middle of the playing field there is a mine in which there are gold and stone boulders, which the players can dismantle. You can either harvest blocks in the mine or additionaly steal them from the enemy’s tower.

The blocks obtained by mining or stealing can either be used to load one’s own cannon and shoot at the opponent’s tower, where the size of the cannonball depends on the number of blocks you own. Alternatively, if you have three blocks, you can run to the your own tower and increase it’s height by one row.

Note, however, that a gold block is worth 50 points and a block of stone only 10. During the game, random items are spawned which can also be stolen from the opponent’s side and disappear after ten seconds, unless they have been picked up by a player.

The following four items are implemented in the game:


​​Increases the movement speed.

​​Golden Pickaxe

Increases the rate of mining of gold and stone.


Builds a wall in front of your own tower, lasting 10 seconds, that protects your tower from any enemy shot.

​​The Big Gold

Immediately gives the player three gold blocks.

A round lasts two and a half minutes and the player who has the more valuable tower, when the time ran out, wins the game.

Making of

Graphic design

For the graphical appearance of the game we settled to a low-poly look. All graphics were created and animated in Cinema4D.

Thus, we achieved a homogeneous overall appearance. The in Cinema4D modelled 3D-Bodies and their realistic shadow give the players the illusion that they move through a 3-dimensional space, despite playing a game which only represents a 2-dimensional projection.

Furthermore, we simulate a sunset by overlapping multiple images with, over time, changing opacity, which were rendered with different lighting.

To make the game world more dynamic, the clouds in the background of the game world move to the right during the game.


The entire game was programmed in Javascript using the box2d library, which is responsible for the dynamic physics simulation. The in Cinema4D created animations were integrated in the game using sprites and animated with a self-created class. The cannonball is made with a box2D „Circle“ object, to witch a pulse is applied immediately after its creation.

The pulse’s properties depend on the angle and strength previously set by the player. Each tower is an array of box2D „Box“ objects. If the player extends his tower, all the blocks in the array are shifted up by the height of a single block in y-direction and the three blocks owned by the player are added to the array, forming the bottom row of the tower.


For player input, we designed two controllers that have four buttons. Two arrow keys for moving the character left and right and an A- and B-button for interacting with the objects of the game world. Use the A-button to break down the boulders in the mine, pick up items, steal blocks from the enemy’s tower and to adjust the cannon’s angle. The B-button is used to adjust the strength of the cannon shot.


Inside the controller there is a MakeyMakey which processes the input of the player. The controller was designed with Tinkercad, a free, browser-based CAD software from Autodesk. Subsequently, the controller was 3d-printed with white filament. The buttons with engraved letters and arrows, were printed with red filament. All in all, there were four iterations of controller prototypes until we found our final design.

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