Goldminer Game Instructions

Dominik Fink, Paul Raschke
Mario Rieker, Christian Paulo


Before entering the fray, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls and read the game description below. Loading time may vary depending on your browser, so please wait until the game cover appears.

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Game Description

In the game each player controls one of the two dwarves. In the middle of the playing field there is a mine in which there are gold and stone boulders, which the players can dismantle. You can either harvest blocks in the mine or additionaly steal them from the enemy’s tower. The blocks obtained by mining or stealing can either be used to load one’s own cannon and shoot at the opponent’s tower, where the size of the cannonball depends on the number of blocks you own. Alternatively, if you have three blocks, you can run to the your own tower and increase it’s height by one row.

Note, however, that a gold block is worth 50 points and a block of stone only 10. During the game, random items are spawned which can also be stolen from the opponent’s side and disappear after ten seconds, unless they have been picked up by a player.

The following four items are implemented in the game:

Speed: Increases the movement speed.

Golden Pickaxe: Increases the rate of mining of gold and stone.

Wall: Builds a wall in front of your own tower, lasting 10 seconds, that protects your tower from any enemy shot.

The Big GoldImmediately gives the player three gold blocks.

A round lasts two and a half minutes and the player who has the more valuable tower, when the time ran out, wins the game.

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