Redesign of a room control system

Usability & Interface Design 1
HfG Schwabisch Gmünd SS 2017
Lecturer: Thomas Techert

Alex Gottschalk, Christian Paulo


The task of the Usability and Interface Design course was to redesign the room control system of our university. The room control has a total of eight analog buttons, which are used as input for the system. The aim was to redesign the system with a maximum of four input elements. In addition, at least the same range of functions had to be retained.

SIMENS UP 227 room control

This device is the central control unit in every room. The functions include the control of the light, the temperature and the projector, as well as the alarms and settings.

Our Persona

As persona, we have chosen our janitor Dieter Hermann. Dieter has an affinity for technology, but prefers analog controls. He's in a lot of contact with room control. Whenever there are problems during the day, he must detect and solve them as quickly as possible. In addition, during his evening routine tours there should be the possibility of quickly putting the entire room into a kind of "rest mode" - for teachers and students, for example, a "presentation mode" would be useful.


For the interaction we have selected an analog knob. By turning to the right or left, you can switch between subitems in the menu. You can switch between levels by pressing the control.

User Interface

The aim of our UI is to capture the most important information as quickly as possible and to enable inexperienced users to find their way around better.

Extended function

Rooms are often used for different purposes. Sometimes a lot of light is needed for proper work. The projector is used for lectures and the room is specially darkened. At night the heating should at best be off and light is not needed. In order to be able to switch between these states, many settings normally have to be changed - we have simplified this by introducing "profiles" in the form of room states. Profiles should adapt the most important basic settings to my needs without having to change several settings before.

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