Augmented reality LEGO builder

International seminar week
HfG Schwabisch Gmünd SS 2018
Lecturer: Marcin Wichrowski

Alex Gottschalk, Christian Paulo


The task of the course was to design in an Augmented Reality application that can provide assistance and simplify complex issues considerably within two days. HP Reveal, Zapp Works and Unity were available as tools.

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LEGO AR Builder

The Lego AR Builder is an Augmented Reality building instruction for Lego toys. With the AR Builder, all construction steps can be completed more easily. This makes the Builder ideal for children who have problems with perspective and spatial perception. We have created a full-featured Android application to ensure the best possible and most faithful user experience.


Concept & Preparation

After we had decided on a Lego model, we began to search for all the necessary components using the Lego part number and prepare them for further processing with the help of the Lego CAD Builder.


Now that we had found all the necessary components, we digitally reconstructed the Lego helicopter step by step using the original building instructions and the Lego CAD Builder.


In the next step, we divided the digital building instructions into easily understandable sections and began to animate the various steps in Cinema 4D. In order to work as efficiently as possible, we went all the way backwards and took the helicopter apart.



Finally, we devoted ourselves to the user interface. In keeping with Lego's corporate identity and the user's target group, we have decided to keep the interface as simple, child-friendly and user-friendly as possible. Even though we only had two days to realize the whole project.


At the same time we coded the Android application in Unity. For this we used the Vuforia SDK. Vuforia is one of the most popular platforms to work with augmented reality development.

It implements the following functionalities: recognition of the different types of visual objects (a box, cylinder, plane), text and environments recognition, VuMark (a combination of picture and QR-code). Also, using Vuforia Object Scanner, you can scan and create object targets.


Finally, we added additional features such as entertaining rewards at the end of the guide. In this way, the assembled helicopter can be dismantled or even destroyed. We hope that this will give the user a greater incentive to complete the tutorial.


For a more immersive experience, we've added sound effects as acoustic feedback and background music to enhance the overall gaming experience. However, the music can be switched off at any time.

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