Roland Piano Partner 2 Redesign

Application Design
Volunteer project summer 2018

by Christian Paulo


I have made it my task to redesign Roland's companion application Piano Partner 2. It was important to me to change only the appearance and not the functionality.

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Roland Piano Partner 2

The Piano Partner 2 app for iOS and Android mobile devices provides an interactive way to help you learn and enjoy music with the Roland digital piano. It shows the piano’s internal music collection on the device’s display, and allows to build skills with music exercises. Piano Partner 2 also enables the mobile device to work as a remote controller for the Roland piano. Recorder and Diary functions help to progress more quickly, allowing to evaluate performances and keep track of the daily practice activities.

My approach

With the redesign, I didn't want to change the general functionality of the application, because it basically serves its purpose and works well. With the redesign of the interface, the application should appear more modern, playful and inviting than before.




The application itself works perfectly, but the unfinished appearance reduces the overall impression of the expensive piano and the Roland brand. Since the application with its exclusive functions is an important part of the user experience, in my opinion, the focus should be as strong when designing the application as with the musical instrument itself.


Colour was very much in the foreground in the design. The original version appears completely in grey and thus does not manage to emphasize contents well by contrasts. With large pictures, graphics and contrasts, I wanted to refresh the old-looking design. I also tried to integrate Roland's brand colour into the concept.


Roland has some useful functions within the application. However, their approach is to place as many functions as possible on one page/level. However, this can quickly make the surface appear more complicated than necessary. In my approach I have tried to make certain content appear on other levels at the expense of efficiency.

Missed opportunity

With this application Roland theoretically has another platform to reach customers. A great opportunity is left out to inform, manage, maintain and sell. In my approach, updates of new versions or other content can be easily viewed and installed in the form of notifications.

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