Rookie Zentrale

Web & Corporate Design
Volunteer project 2014

by Clemens May & Christian Paulo


We have set ourselves the task of founding a new cultural magazine that promotes young talent. For this we created the corporate design and a responsive website of the Rookie Zentrale. (Rookie Central)


Rookie Zentrale

Every beginning is difficult. You are in a crew, band or solo artist. You have a lot of ideas, projects and talents that you would like to show the world. But despite social media, it is difficult to draw attention to yourself in a purposeful and high-quality way. And that's where „Rookie Zentrale“ comes in. The Rookie Zentrale (Rookie Central) gives upcoming stars a face and thus offers the perfect platform to draw attention to themselves. And it's completely free.

Our Vision

The Rookie Zentrale was a Piolot project and was founded in 2014. The Rookie Zentrale, is a culture magazine for newcomers of any kind. With this platform we not only wanted to give young creative people a chance to get noticed, but also to create an informative and entertaining website for everyone. Everything from music and lifestyle to gaming, comedy and reporting should be included.


See more examples of the different formats of the Rookie Zentrale.

Music videos

The Rookie Zentrale gave a no-budget video shooting day to selected artists who were not able to produce their own music video.

Read the acticle


To introduce the rookie to his future audience, we produced short portraits in which the actors talk about themselves and their art.

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In order to make our platform more interesting for a larger interest group, we have repeatedly included small reports.

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Lifestyle & magazine

For even more variety, we have also created various formats for lifestyle content. This example is about cocktails.

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For the recruitment of new rookies, we have produced short clips for self-promotion.

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Corporate Design

Since the Rookie Zentrale was a pilot project, not only a website but also a complete multifunctional corporate design had to be established. In this context, the logo and CI were the first things we started with.

Multimedia Design

Because the main component of the platform are video segments and reports, many multimedia elements such as intros, outros and fades had to be designed. Many different versions were created, so that the motives did not repeat themselves constantly.

The fate of Rookie Zentrale

The Rookie Zentrale was initially a pure side project, but quickly became very popular. Since we had too few capacities due to other professional orientations, the project had to be terminated after a short time with great regret.


Even if the project was finished before it really started, we were able to learn a lot and improve our multimedia skills enormously. Producing and processing content quickly is one of the biggest learnings I could take with me on this project. This project enabled me to carry out my first paid assignments as a freelancer.

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